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Dermatology Services

Dermatology is a practice that incorporates sound medical principles with cosmetic procedures that are safe, effective, and minimally invasive.

With so many choices available for patients, it can seem overwhelming to decide who can offer the best advice, the safest treatments and the most dependable outcome. Television, magazines, and other media can give misleading information to patients who are curious about the latest products and procedures.


Intense Pulsed Light
For the treatment of red thread veins, acne, unwanted hair, sun-damaged skin, photo rejuvenation, red & brown blotchy skin and age spots. Also used as an alternative to laser therapy where this has failed to work sufficiently well.

Treatments for lines and wrinkles
Treatments for localised excess sweating

Soft tissue fillers
For volume loss and to smooth out wrinkles.

Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) for thin skin cancers and pre-cancerous skin growths

Porphyrins are naturally occurring chemicals that when exposed to light glow or burn. This phenomenon has been exploited to successfully treat many different kinds of cancer.


Liquid nitrogen treatment for viral warts and other superficial blemishes.


For the accurate assessment of moles. This technique confidently diagnoses harmless skin blemishes from skin cancers including melanoma. This avoids unnecessary surgery and allows for long-term mole monitoring in those at risk from developing skin cancer, particularly melanoma.

Skin surgery

The removal under local anaesthetic in a modern skin surgical unit of harmless but annoying skin lesions and skin cancer.

Allergy Testing

Assessment of immediate and delayed allergic reactions.  RAST tests, food battery and inhalation battery screens, and patch testing.


Microsclerotherapy is a technique that enables removal of unsightly thread veins that commonly occur on the legs in women. It involves injection of a chemical known as a ‘sclerosant’ in to the vein through a tiny needle and is usually painless. Up to 20 or 30 veins can be treated in one session which lasts around 45 minutes. A course of 3 – 5 treatments is commonly required, spaced at around 4 weeks apart.

Patients are advised to mobilise normally following injection and we recommend wearing some form of compression hosiery after treatment to reduce potential bruising and swelling.

Around 80% of veins treated are permanently removed although other veins may develop as time goes on. Occasionally patients experience some discomfort after treatment and a rare complication is inflammation and ulceration of the skin overlying the treated vein.

To book a general dermatology consultation call Ros today on 07838 293968, or for laser queries and mole checks, call Toni on 01392 350057. Alternatively you can get in touch via our online form.

Expert Medical Skin Treatments
Our consultant dermatologists are happy to see patients for the diagnosis and treatment of the full range of dermatological disorders

Dr Anthony Downs is able to see patients in Exeter, Torquay, Cornwall and London, whilst Dr Christopher Bower consults predominantly in Exeter.

Suspicious Moles & Skin Lesion Consultations

Suspicious Moles & Skin Lesions Consultation with Dr Tony Downs South West Dermatology
Most skin lesions and moles are very common and usually benign (non-cancerous). These can range from freckles, moles, lentigines and seborrheic keratoses but also painful and annoying skin tags. 

Our Consultant Dermatologist, Dr. Anthony Downs will examine and diagnose any suspicious moles, skin lesions, skin tags or lumps and bumps which are causing you concern. 


Exeter Devon Acne Treatment from consultant dermatologist skincare experts
Diagnosis & management for acne with bespoke treatments designed to your individual needs.

Actinic Keratosis

actinic keratosis skin treatment Exeter, Torquay, Devon & London by skin experts
A dermatologist will usually be able to diagnose actinic keratosis during a skin examination.


Dermatitis treatment in Exeter, Torquay, Devon & Bristol & London by skin experts
We can help you identify the best treatment option for your particular skin & dermatitis symptoms.


Exeter Eczema treatment in Devon by Consultant Dermatologist
With the proper treatment and prevention, most eczema can be controlled or even alleviated.


Melasma treatment Exeter, Torquay, Devon & Bristol & London by skin experts
We can find the best treatment option that will be the safest and most effective method for you.

Full Body Mole Checks

Exeter Mole Check Clinic in Devon by Medical Skincare Experts
With the steady rise in melanoma diagnosis, mole checks are becoming increasingly popular.

Molluscum Contagiosum

Molluscum Contagiosum treatment Exeter, Torquay, Devon & Bristol & London by skin experts
If you prefer to eliminate the infection before it resolves on its own, several treatment options are available.

Nail & Hair problems

Nail & Hair problems treated in Devon by Medical Skincare Experts
We diagnose and find the best treatment options for a range of nail and hair problems.

Psoriasis & skin rashes

Psoriasis and other skin rashes treated in Exeter, Torquay, Devon & Bristol & London by skin experts
Avoiding triggers and the correct use of treatment options willy help alleviate symptoms.


Rosecea treatment Exeter, Torquay, Devon & Bristol & London by skin experts
Stop the progression of rosacea reducing your symptoms & improve your skin’s overall appearance.

Skin Allergies

Exeter Skin Allergies & Skin Patch Testing by medical skincare consultants
We offer a patch testing service for a wide range of skin allergies so we can diagnose & treat your condition.

Skin Cancer

Exeter Skin Cancer Surgery with Consultant Dermatologist in Devon
Our experts can diagnosis, treat and provide management for a range of skin cancers.

  • Our patients say . . .
    "Service wonderful…10/10….I felt really well looked after. Lovely environment, Dr Down’s is a very talented man."
    Ms M, Exeter, Devon
    Seen by Consultant Dermatologist Dr Anthony Downs

  • Our patients say . . .
    "Dr Down’s has made me feel so much happier about me! I cannot thank him enough."
    Mr B, Bideford, North Devon
    Seen by Consultant Dermatologist Dr Anthony Downs

  • Our patients say . . .
    "I was initially seen by Dr Downs in relation to checking status of moles. This was arranged very quickly through his efficient & friendly secretary Ros. The whole experience was very relaxed and straightforward. I would like to say a big thank you to all who looked after me recently."
    Mole Check patient, Devon
    Seen by Consultant Dermatologist Dr Anthony Downs

  • Our patients say . . .
    "I had a growth removed from my ear in the dermatology service at Exeter Medical. I had such wonderful care. The staff were kind and looked after me so well."
    Anonymous patient, Devon
    Seen by Consultant Dermatologist Dr Anthony Downs