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Botox® injections for Blepharospasm

Dr Downs offers Botox® medical injections for Blepharospasm within a safe clinical environment in Exeter, Devon & Cornwall.

Our medical injection treatments for Blepharospasm are prescribed and administered by fully trained medical professionals in a safe and regulated healthcare environment at Exeter Medical, The Medical Eye Clinic (Exeter) or Duchy Hospital in Cornwall.

What is Blepharospasm?

Blepharospasm is characterized by involuntary spasms of the muscles around the eye, resulting in uncontrolled blinking, narrowing, and even closing of the eyelid. It is a condition that can be difficult to understand and a challenge to live with.

Signs of Blepharospasm

In the early stages of Blepharospasm, you may feel irritation and discomfort of the eyelids, as well as increased blinking. Possible early symptoms may include:

  • Dry eyes or watering eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Increased blinking
  • Ocular pain
  • Soreness around the eyes

How do Botox® injections help treat Blepharospasm?

Botox® is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles and used to treat abnormal spasm of the eyelids (Blepharospasm) in people 12 years and older. To treat Blepharospasm, BOTOX® injections help block signals from the nerves that tell the muscles that control the affected areas to contract. This helps reduce eye muscle spasms.

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