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Skin Cancer Virtual Lecture

Dr. Anthony Downs, Consultant Dermatologist gave Devon based GPs a skin cancer management update on Thursday 1st July via a virtual lecture hosted by Exeter Medical.

Skin cancer rates continue to rise and melanoma is now the 5th commonest skin cancer.

Whist there have been tremendous advances in the last five years in treating and curing patients with melanoma over 50% still die when this disease is advanced. Early recognition and treatment remains essential. The South West has four times the national average of skin cancer.

The COVID pandemic has not helped with patients having to wait a great deal longer for NHS access to surgery by specialist whist their skin cancer continues to grow. Timely intervention by GPs can help reduce the skin cancer burden.

One of the notable differences between the UK and Australia, a country with higher skin cancer rates than the UK, is their lower death rate. This is because Australians proactively undergo routine and sometimes annual full body skin checks with their GP or their Dermatologist. Prevention being preferable to cure.

Full body mole checks are not generally available on the NHS, although your GP will always look at any mole that concerns you. South West Dermatology offer a full body mole check service undertaken by Dr Anthony Downs, Consultant in Dermatology Medicine and Surgery.  Dr Downs will make a full assessment of your moles using a dermatoscope.

Dr. Downs is happy to receive a photograph via his online form if you would like an initial opinion on an individual mole. 

Dr. Downs is continues to look forward to passing on his knowledge and offering further useful advice and guidance for doctors at the next event.

Call Ros today on 07838 293968 to book a full body mole check with Consultant Dermatologist Dr. Downs. For further information call us or use our online form.

Dr Downs is available to see and treat severe and urgent cases at Exeter Medical during this challenging period of social distancing during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Patients with severe and distressful skin rashes or lumps or blemishes that might be serious skin cancers can still be seen and treated at Exeter Medical in a protected environment during the coronavirus pandemic.

In the first instance please call Ros on 07838 293968 and she will discuss your available options in consultation with Dr Downs.

If your condition is potentially serious then we will ask you to send photos via our online form and Dr Downs will assess these for further investigation.

Dr Downs is then able to engage with the patient by video consultation, or in serious cases, arrange a face to face consultation following all current medical guidelines at our out-patient facility at Exeter Medical to begin urgent treatment of your dermatological skin condition.

We are here to care for you during the social distancing because your health is important too.