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Medical Lasers

Lasers & IPL have been standard dermatology practice since the mid 1990's. The technology continues to change allowing for safer, less painful and more effective treatments.

Training and experience are extremely important. Consultant dermatologists are well placed to deliver safe and effect laser and IPL treatments because of their in-depth knowledge of normal and damaged skin.

South West Dermatology offer a range of laser skincare treatments in Exeter and Central London, incl. Laser tattoo removalLaser or IPL hair removal, Laser or IPL removal of thread veins or pigmented blemishes, Laser or IPL treatment for melasma Photorejuvination, CO2 and non-ablative fractionating lasers for scars and rejuvenation (Exeter), Erb:YAG fractionating or ablative laser for scar revision and rejuvenation (London) and Photodynamic Therapy for sun damage and early skin cancers.

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