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Laser Photodynamic Therapy

IPL and CO2 laser assisted Photodynamic Therapy for sun-damage and pre-cancerous skin.

PDT for pre-cancerous and superficial/early skin cancers at Exeter Medical

Our laser photodynamic therapy is held at Exeter Medical.

Dr Downs & Dr Bower have over 20 years experience in Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) and Dr Downs has contributed to research, innovation and training in this field. PDT is a light activated selective topical chemotherapy treatment.

Dr Downs has pioneered Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) activation of the PDT cream which we offer at Exeter Medical. This makes treating large areas easy with minimal discomfort. We also have the option of pre-treating the skin with our Fractionated CO2 to significantly improve the clinical results.

In certain situations PDT is a safer option than surgery for removing pre-cancerous or cancerous skin lesion. PDT is non-scarring and least likely to ulcerate vulnerable or delicate skin compared to other treatment options.

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