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European Academy of DermatoVenereology (EADV) Spring 2022

The Spring European Academy of DermatoVenereology (EADV) 2022 was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia 12th to 14th May this year face to face, after two years of virtual conferences.

Dr Tony Downs & Dr Chris Bower at EADV Sprint Conference 2022

Dr Downs and Dr Bower were able to attend alongside a small group of other British Dermatologists in this important medical industry event.

European Academy of DermatoVenereology draws mostly from Europe and is the key driver of Dermatology education and research for European Dermatologists.

There were a variety of dermatology lectures and tutorials to attend and Dr Downs found the lasers, skin surgery and skin cancer recognition sessions particularly useful.

These events offer important continuous professional development for our skin experts and help Consultant Dermatologist to stay on top of innovation, evolving technology and medical industry developments.

Attendance helps to re-assure that South West Dermatology's clinical practice is consistent with the very best available patient care and is very often the most useful aspect of attending these meetings.

Dr Chris Bower, chair of Derma Exchange presenting at the Dermatology care meeting in Bristol

Dr. Anthony Downs & Dr. Christopher Bower recently attended a face to face national Dermatology meeting in Bristol. The DermaExchange event was sponsored by Almirall and chaired by Consultant Dermatologist Dr. Christopher Bower.

This event was the first time dermatologist and healthcare professionals have been able to meet as a professional body for almost two years.

The event included lectures on clinical updates and advances in dermatology care, alongside informative lectures and discussions on mental health and the well being of both the doctor and patient.

'How to work smarter and not harder', given the overwhelming demand for our services, was a talk that was particularly well received by the audience.

Both Dr. Anthony Downs & Dr. Christopher Bower came away with some useful tips that should help with some of our more challenging patients.

We do hope the pandemic will not cut these important industry meetings that are essential for clinical professional development.

Since 2007 Dr. Anthony Downs and Dr. Christopher Bower have co-hosted delivered a national intense training course to training grade Dermatologists in order to help them pass the SCE exam.

After medical school it takes at least 8 years to become a Consultant Dermatologist. Often longer.

The SCE is a rather tough exam that has to be passed in order to progress. Coronavirus has meant that last year and this year the course has been transferred to online interactive sessions.

This dermatology training course is always heavily over-subscribed and very popular with the 'juniors' because of the quality of teaching and the focus we can provide directed at passing the exam.

The course ended the end of July 2021 and we wish all the delegates that attended the very best of luck in their exam later this year.

Dr. Downs & Dr. Bower are looking forward to passing on their dermatology knowledge and offering further CPD, useful advice and guidance for future Dermatologist and medical professional at the next event.

In addition to seeing and treating patients, as the world adjust to the 'new normal' post COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Downs & Dr. Christoper Bower have been busy co-hosting and providing lectures online for:

British Association of Dermatologist - healthy skin for all logo cropped

British Association of Dermatologist 100th annual meeting

The British Association of Dermatologist 100th annual meeting was launched as a virtual conference on 1st September.

Dr. Anthony Downs & Dr. Christopher Bower both recorded lectures for this yearly meeting with online attendees both from the UK and worldwide.

The meetings enable dermatologist to share practical tips on managing patients and learn about break through treatments and research. The virtual platform lacked the human element that allows for challenge and debate, but it keeps the momentum of continuous professional development that is so important for all healthcare professional who work in the field of dermatology.

British Association of Dermatologist - healthy skin for all logo cropped

SCE: Dermatology Registrars' Meeting

Dr. Anthony Downs & Dr. Christopher Bower also co-hosted the SCE Dermatology Registrars Meeting as a live webinar conference in August. The event was sponsored by Jansen-Cilag and badged by the British Association of Dermatologists.

A lot of organisation and technical planning went into hosting this on-line webinar, driven by the current pandemic circumstance, but the meeting was well attended and went smoothly.

The meeting helps dermatology trainees pass their exam on the way to becoming dermatology consultants.

Dr. Downs & Dr. Bower have run this revision course for 10 years and it is extremely well regarded quality event and always over-subscribed.

Running these type of events, both on location and/or online, ensure our dermatologist keep up-to-date and one step ahead of the Royal College of Physicians who set the challenging and difficult exam each year.

South West Dermatology is please to report that one of our skincare and dermatology consulting locations has been inspected by the CQC as an overall outstanding facility and a great place to see and treat patients.

Well done to the whole team at Exeter Medical for continuing to uphold the professionalism and provide the outstanding service their patients have come to expect since their launch back in 2006.

You can view the full report here

To book a dermatology consultation at Exeter Medical call Ros on 01392 350053 or get in touch online.

Dr Anthony Downs presentation at the 10th annual national dermatology registrar training course in Birmingham
Dr. Downs presenting in Birmingham.

For the last 8 yrs Dr. Anthony Downs & Dr. Chris Bower, Consultant Dermatologists have run an annual Dermatology Registrar Revision Course to help new medical students pass their "Exit" exam.

Dr. Bower presenting in Birmingham.

Dr. Tony Downs and Dr. Chris Bower organised and hosted their 10th annual national dermatology registrar training course in Birmingham on Sunday 9th June 2019.

The course is registered with the British Association of Dermatologist and is classed as a course of excellence for attending students.

We help the dermatology consultants of the future get through a key knowledge step in their training. Future UK dermatology consultants are required to pass a theory exam in dermatology during their specialist training in Dermatology.

“We feel privileged to be able to pass on our expertise and experience to doctors that will be our consultant colleagues in the near future”

Dr. Anthony Downs & Dr. Christopher Bower