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Dr. Bower chairs face to face DermaExchange meeting in Bristol

Dr Chris Bower, chair of Derma Exchange presenting at the Dermatology care meeting in Bristol

Dr. Anthony Downs & Dr. Christopher Bower recently attended a face to face national Dermatology meeting in Bristol. The DermaExchange event was sponsored by Almirall and chaired by Consultant Dermatologist Dr. Christopher Bower.

This event was the first time dermatologist and healthcare professionals have been able to meet as a professional body for almost two years.

The event included lectures on clinical updates and advances in dermatology care, alongside informative lectures and discussions on mental health and the well being of both the doctor and patient.

'How to work smarter and not harder', given the overwhelming demand for our services, was a talk that was particularly well received by the audience.

Both Dr. Anthony Downs & Dr. Christopher Bower came away with some useful tips that should help with some of our more challenging patients.

We do hope the pandemic will not cut these important industry meetings that are essential for clinical professional development.

In addition to seeing and treating patients, as the world adjust to the 'new normal' post COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Downs & Dr. Christoper Bower have been busy co-hosting and providing lectures online for:

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British Association of Dermatologist 100th annual meeting

The British Association of Dermatologist 100th annual meeting was launched as a virtual conference on 1st September.

Dr. Anthony Downs & Dr. Christopher Bower both recorded lectures for this yearly meeting with online attendees both from the UK and worldwide.

The meetings enable dermatologist to share practical tips on managing patients and learn about break through treatments and research. The virtual platform lacked the human element that allows for challenge and debate, but it keeps the momentum of continuous professional development that is so important for all healthcare professional who work in the field of dermatology.

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SCE: Dermatology Registrars' Meeting

Dr. Anthony Downs & Dr. Christopher Bower also co-hosted the SCE Dermatology Registrars Meeting as a live webinar conference in August. The event was sponsored by Jansen-Cilag and badged by the British Association of Dermatologists.

A lot of organisation and technical planning went into hosting this on-line webinar, driven by the current pandemic circumstance, but the meeting was well attended and went smoothly.

The meeting helps dermatology trainees pass their exam on the way to becoming dermatology consultants.

Dr. Downs & Dr. Bower have run this revision course for 10 years and it is extremely well regarded quality event and always over-subscribed.

Running these type of events, both on location and/or online, ensure our dermatologist keep up-to-date and one step ahead of the Royal College of Physicians who set the challenging and difficult exam each year.