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Acne & acne scarring lecture to GPs

Dr. Anthony Downs, Consultant Dermatologist delivered a very well attended virtual lecture on acne and acne scarring on Tuesday 27 July to GPs in the South West area.

NICE acne and acne scarring national guidelines were updated last month with additional attention and recommendations on the need to provide psychological support and acne scarring advice to patients with this medical disease.

South West Deramtology Actions of Anti-Acne Therapies - Dr Tont Downs Acne Presentaion to GPs

Acne can have serious and persistent mental effects that can remain for many years and well after the acne has abated naturally or with treatment. Very few patients have access to laser treatment in the UK to treat acne scarring regardless of this recommendation in the NICE guidelines.

This evening these issues were debated as well mapping out current best clinical practice and what new emerging treatments may be available on prescription.