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European Academy of DermatoVenereology (EADV) Spring 2022

The Spring European Academy of DermatoVenereology (EADV) 2022 was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia 12th to 14th May this year face to face, after two years of virtual conferences.

Dr Tony Downs & Dr Chris Bower at EADV Sprint Conference 2022

Dr Downs and Dr Bower were able to attend alongside a small group of other British Dermatologists in this important medical industry event.

European Academy of DermatoVenereology draws mostly from Europe and is the key driver of Dermatology education and research for European Dermatologists.

There were a variety of dermatology lectures and tutorials to attend and Dr Downs found the lasers, skin surgery and skin cancer recognition sessions particularly useful.

These events offer important continuous professional development for our skin experts and help Consultant Dermatologist to stay on top of innovation, evolving technology and medical industry developments.

Attendance helps to re-assure that South West Dermatology's clinical practice is consistent with the very best available patient care and is very often the most useful aspect of attending these meetings.