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Annual UK Dermatology Course 2021

The annual UK Dermatology course for Dermatologist Consultants has been running for over 20 years and is consistently popular.

The annual UK Dermatology course for Consultants November 2021 feature image

For the last two years this event has been hosted online, but this year saw the welcome return of the face-to-face meeting which Dr Anthony Downs, Consultant Dermatologist attended late November in London.

This meeting provides a resource to discuss recent therapeutic advances that impact current clinical Dermatology practice.

Topics this year included acne, leg ulcers, scars, lupus and JAK inhibitors.

Patients expect their doctors to be up-to-date, but this does not always mean recommending a treatment just because it is new. Gathering opinions from other expert colleagues in meetings such as these help our skin specialist decide what is reliable, effective, safe and appropriate for my patients.

These events offer important continuous professional development for our skin experts and help Consultant Dermatologist to stay on top of innovation, evolving technology and medical industry developments.