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On-line Teams national laser talk by Dr. Downs

On 6th May 2021, Dr. Anthony Downs, Consultant Dermatologist, provided an on-line (via Teams) national lecture on the use of lasers in dermatology and cosmetic practices.

This was a great opportunity for Dr. Downs to share his in-depth knowledge and experience looking at the growth in the usage of lasers and IPL for medical and cosmetic application. The attendees were dermatology colleagues throughout the UK looking to add to their continual professional development.

In the mid 1990’s cosmetic treatments were de-regulated. This led to a boom in the industry, but meant anyone could buy a laser and treat patients/clients without the need for any training or professional qualifications. Before that time only qualified doctors could see and treat patients.

Less skin laser treatments are now funded by the NHS as they are now deemed cosmetic, even though lasers have very good medical disease use and can improve disfigurements such as birth marks or scars. That also means less exposure to lasers and their applications for NHS consultant and trainee Dermatologists.

Dr. Downs is continues to look forward to passing on his knowledge and offering further useful advice and guidance for doctors at the next event.